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Initial Consultation:

The first meeting with your stylist is all about getting to know you and your home. Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • Your needs, budget and requirements
  • Your style concept
  • Your lifestyle
  • What you like and dislike in styling, furniture and decor

We’ll also do a walkthrough of your home and take measurements & photos where needed. We may give a few ideas in the initial meeting but the full scope of the styling suggestions will be provided in the following report. After we have met and before we begin styling your home, we will send you a report to recap our first meeting and include the overview of what we are proposing to do.

This can include:

  • The major changes we suggest for each room
  • Furniture & decor shopping list 
  • Moodboards and samples

This is your chance to see on paper how home styling can transform your home so that you can decide if you want to move forward. 



Interior Styling:

-Mood Boards: Mood Boards are one of the first home styling tools we use to identify your style and outline your concept. After your initial consultation, we collectively should come up with concept words to describe how you’d like your home to look and feel. These words will guide the mood board creation, which might include color palettes, decor and furniture suggestions.

-Space Planning is about finding the best way to arrange your room to maximize space and fit perfectly with your lifestyle. We take the measurements of your room, the position of all windows and doors, and the measurements of your furniture to work out the best way to place it all together. We often do this using digital rendering software to create a realistic floor plan of your room.

-Styling & Sourcing: Once we have agreed on the changes and purchases suggested in the report, we will begin sourcing furniture and decor. We can either shop together or you can leave the shopping to us. At this stage, we may ask you to begin decluttering or moving items out of the room to make way for new furniture and accessories. We can help with this as much or as little as you like. We often start with just one room. Then, if you are happy with the results we will move forward room by room. When the items arrive, we’ll organize a time to meet at your home to arrange and style.

-Final Touches: Once you are happy with the positioning of furniture and decor, we’ll start to add in those final touches to bring it all together. This includes making sure your personal items and favorite pieces stand out in our new layout and that everything fits your chosen aesthetic. 

At this stage, we’d love to arrange a time to come and take photos of your home if this is something you are comfortable with. Of course, now that we have established our working relationship, you can call us anytime to come back and style or restyle other parts of your home!


Sourcing & Procurement Services:

Procurement is the most important part of the design process, and this is our speciality-selecting and sourcing furniture, art, and accessories. Our procurement services can

be a part of the complete interior design process, or they can be provided as a stand-alone service. Our design team will coordinate shipment of all items.

-Custom Art Design & Coordination: We collaborate with art vendors to create custom artwork that will be a statement piece in your space or will coordinate with your branding colors and style.
-Product Selection: We select just the right furniture, art, and accessories to bring your space to life. We work to propose products that fall within your budget and will be available within your purchase schedule. 
-Custom Furniture Design & Fabrication Coordination: Our designers will coordinate with furniture vendors and contractors on designing custom furniture pieces for your space.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries. You can email us directly at info@carefullycuratedstudios.com